About us

Passion, perfected.

Like most, I started as a hobbyist, printing small boats and little toys for my family. As my pile of small boats grew over time, so did my knowledge of slicing software and the spectacular ways my 3d printers failed. Fix after fix, I realized this whole 3D printing might not be for everybody, but it certainly was for me. What if somebody could deal with the headache, the complexity and cost of a 3d printer, while producing the same unique items? Thus, Spooled Inc was born.

We are currently running Anycubic Kobra Max printers, as well as modified Ender 3s for rapid output. This allows us to print large scale, fantastic items, like full size wearable helmets in one solid piece, while also allowing us to shoot out rapid smaller prints at a affordable price.

We currently prefer Polymakers PLA PRO. We’ve found it to be the most reliable in terms of strength, durability, and printing accuracy. When greater strength is needed, we can also print in PETG extra thermal resistance and/or excellent layer adhesion is a need. Engineering grade filament options coming soon!